Action Priority Matrix

5-30 min30+ ideasMake Decisions: Prioritization

Prioritizing ideas and projects based on their required effort

The action priority matrix prioritizes ideas and projects based on the effort they take to develop and possible impact they could have. It can be done in the following way:

  • List Alternatives

    Have a large number of ideas, preferably on post-its.

  • Draw the Matrix

    Draw the matrix as shown above on a large piece of paper, with enough room for ideas.

  • Asses Impact and Effort

    Assess the impact and effort of these ideas, possible in group discussion. Immediately place them in one of the four squares of the matrix.

  • Improve Sorting

    One all ideas are placed, take a look at the matrix and possible discuss and improve the sorting.

  • Select Alternatives

    Decide what ideas to pursue, quick wins and major projects often contain promising ideas.